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Devroe Marktstudies


Rebranding, print


October 31, 2023

Recently, Devroe Market Studies approached us asking if we could take their current branding in hand. Devroe Market Studies is an expert in market research and offers targeted advice. With their extensive knowledge of the market, they know exactly what they are talking about. In fact, their current branding no longer met modern standards and did not clearly communicate what Devroe Market Studies stands for: launching successfully with in-depth market knowledge. With this vision, we developed a complete new branding for Devroe market studies.

Old New


For Devroe Marktstudies, we created an entirely new branding while respecting the existing. As a result, we maintained the basic colors that were ubiquitous on the website and other communication channels. Our main goal was to visually illustrate Devroe Marktstudies' core business and what the company stands for.


In line with the new branding, we also provided new business cards. In this way, we continue the new visual style in Devroe Marktstudies' business communication.

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Monnikeredestraat 15

8340 Damme, Belgium

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